ASP.NET Medium Trust Support From GrapeCity

the world’s largest component vendor, today announced an
important upgrade to ActiveReports
6, its award-winning .NET reporting tool for Microsoft Visual
Studio, along with an extension of upgrade deadlines.

The company also announced Site License purchase
options for all products in the ActiveReports Reporting and
Business Intelligence Suite for .NET and for FarPoint
Spread, the world’s best-selling Microsoft Excel compatible
spreadsheet components for .NET.

The latest
upgrade to ActiveReports includes these major enhancements:

  • ASP.NET Medium Trust Support: ActiveReports
    users can now use this powerful reporting tool to develop and deploy
    reports in a hosted, medium trust ASP.NET environment in which multiple
    applications are run securely on shared servers.
  • Advanced PDF Character Support: The
    ActiveReports Professional Edition’s PDF reporting feature now allows
    the export of End-User Defined Characters (EUDC) in East Asian
    languages. For example, old Chinese characters that are used for names
    in Japanese may require custom characters or a third-party font package.
    .NET developers can now configure the export feature to either render
    these characters or use a default font.
  • Flash Report Viewer Customization:
    The latest update to the ActiveReports Flash report viewer allows the
    look and feel of the Flash report viewer to be customized using
    client-side JavaScript. Developers can now not only load and print
    documents, but also change their appearance, add useful information,
    configure printing options, and more.

Commenting on
the ActiveReports 6 upgrade, Rick Williamson, GrapeCity’s General
Manager of Developer Tools, said, “ActiveReports .NET reporting
tools are a worldwide favorite of .NET developers who use Microsoft
Visual Studio to build enterprise applications. At GrapeCity, we’re
committed to once again transforming the reporting and business
intelligence tools category, and the ActiveReports group of
technologies is a key part of that strategy.”

The company
also released a new Video
titled “Rapidly Deliver Enterprise Business Intelligence
Applications using Microsoft Visual Studio and Award-winning
ActiveReports and FarPoint Spread from GrapeCity.”


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