Relaunch of JazzMutant Multi-Touch Media Controller Done by Audacity

San Diego-based strategic branding agency,
Audacity, inc., helps with the successful relaunch of Bordeaux,
France-based JazzMutant’s flagship “Lemur”.
has been the pioneering company in multi-touch technology since
2002. In 2005 Stantum became the first company to commercially
market JazzMutant’s “Lemur”, a first generation multi-touch user

The Lemur technology combined the music and
performance worlds by allowing users to interact with their
sequencers, light, and sound in an independent, creative, and
original style. The Lemur offers advanced multi-touch surfaces and
an open-ended system, allowing users to operate and manipulate a
large variety of sources.

A-list artists have selected the Lemur as
controller of choice, including Björk, Daft Punk and M.I.A. Film
score composers and music producers using the Lemur include Trevor
Morris, who works alongside and shares studio space with the
legendary composer Hans Zimmer at his Remote Control facility.
Zimmer has composed for movies like Rain Man, Gladiator, The Lion
King, Pearl Harbour and The Da Vinci Code and has won a Grammy,
Oscar, and two Golden Globes.

“It started in the spring of 2008 when I had the
privilege to meet Guillaume Largillier,” says Gaetan Fraikin,
Chief, CEO and founder of Audacity, Inc
“At the time, JazzMutant was in need of strategic branding and
marketing and launch assistance to help the Lemur, its flagship
product, reach its target markets.”

delivered an integrated suite of solutions, including strategic
evaluation, corporate and product repositioning, brand revitalization,
communications development and product relaunch.

“We are very
proud to have been a strategic partner of JazzMutant for the past
months and to have helped increase their competitive lead and
brand equity,” said Fraikin.


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