Fiberlink Introduces MaaS360™ Visibility Service for Handhelds

today introduced MaaS360
Visibility Service for Handhelds, a subscription-based service
that gives businesses unprecedented knowledge and reporting about
enterprise BlackBerry devices. This new service will extend the
company’s MaaS360 platform to include handheld mobile devices in
addition to existing desktop, laptop, Macintosh, USB and netbook

Visibility Service for Handhelds adds BlackBerry hardware and
software inventory to the MaaS360 Management Center to provide a single
business intelligence reporting platform for enterprises, medium
and small businesses. With this cost-effective new service, IT
executives have a unified, detailed view into all their mobile
devices, enabling better device management and improved end user

“Businesses can’t manage what they can’t see,”
said James Sheward, CEO at Fiberlink. “As more employees are
increasingly working at home and on the road with mobile devices,
the task for IT managers to manage and support these devices
becomes more challenging. Baseline visibility is recognized by
many information technology managers as a best practice of fast,
cost-effective mobility management, and MaaS360 provides this
visibility and more.”

According to a recent independent report, “The
Mobile Operating System War Revisted” (Forrester Research, Inc.,
July 28, 2009) “Enterprises are headed in the direction of
embracing multiple mobile operating systems (OSes) and giving
individuals the freedom to choose the platform that’s best for

The report continues: “Because of the groundswell
of personal devices IT is being asked to support, it makes sense
for most firms to embrace flexibility by supporting multiple

MaaS360 Visibility Service for Handhelds expands
the current MaaS360 service portfolio to create a comprehensive
view of their handheld mobile operations. By combining this new
service with device tethering support and detailed connection data
delivered by the MaaS360 Mobile Service, IT managers now have
detailed and actionable reporting for management, cost analysis
and compliance of their BlackBerry devices and supporting

MaaS360 Visibility for Handhelds is available from
Fiberlink immediately and can be integrated into any existing
BlackBerry Enterprise Server without additional hardware.


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