IBM WebSphere MQ ESB Messaging Software From Kabira

Kabira Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier
of high performance, network-centric software solutions for
telecommunications service providers around the globe, today announced
general availability of its Kabira MQ Channel 1.0, which provides a
high-speed bi-directional link between Kabira’s Fluency transaction
platform technology, its Policy Orchestration offerings and IBM
WebSphere MQ enterprise service bus (ESB) messaging software. The new
Kabira software interface is designed to support client-side integration
with the WebSphere MQ software and is fully compatible with MQ versions 6
and 7. Integration with the WebSphere MQ ESB messaging software is
completely transparent — allowing the Kabira system to appear like
node on the MQ network.

By implementing the Kabira MQ Channel, a large UK-based wireless service
provider is able to seamlessly integrate their existing WebSphere
messaging architecture with a Kabira-based policy solution.

"Communications service providers and media companies that have
standardized on IBM WebSphere MQ as their corporate message bus now have
the ability to directly integrate Kabira’s Policy Orchestration
into their network architectures," said Manish Gupta, vice president of
global marketing at Kabira. "This MQ channel enhances our customers’
ability to more rapidly develop and deliver new high-performance
that will extend existing functionality and networks."

The Kabira WebSphere MQ channel is supported for Kabira systems that run
version 3.5.4 or later of Kabira’s core transaction technology. It is
immediately available as an upgrade for Kabira systems deployed on the
Intel X86_64 architecture under Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5.4, as
well as for multicore Sun Sparc systems running the Solaris 10 operating
system. As with all Kabira software, the MQ Channel 1.0 ships with a
integrated set of test cases to accelerate deployment and testing within
existing MQ networks. Pricing is similar to that of other standard
channels and is available upon request.


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