LG launches LG Cookie More GS500 social network phone

LG Electronics takes the basics of success of the LG KP500 Cookie and adds mobile social network, which gives the LG Cookie More GS500.

If tactile interfaces unleashed passions and sales of smartphones, LG Electronics has nevertheless forgot to equip phones called feature phones, until the entry level. This was the case of LG KP500, a mobile market at an aggressive price but with a touch interface 3 "mobile widgets.

While it can not be customized by dedicated applications as a smartphone but it met a real success, breaking the mark of five million units sold in nine months. LG Electronics hopes to extend this success by announcing its evolution, the LG Cookie More GS500.

Social networking and personalization

This follows the broad lines of the first cookie (same look, touch interface 3 "system of widgets), but incorporates new features, always affordable. We will therefore have a homepage of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and LG LiveSquare application to keep in touch with friends.

The LG Cookie More GS500 also offers MMS editable, to capture an image from the web or take a photo to edit it by adding his own comments or drawing over it, and send as an MMS.

The unit also offers opportunities to customize the device by a choice of colors and themes. The GS500 LG Cookie More will be launched in no less than 45 countries, starting with France and Italy as early as March 2010.


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