ST and Ericsson unveils U6715 Android smartphones

The European ST-founder Ericsson unveiled a few days of the MWC 2010 in Barcelona a new hardware platform, U6715, which may serve to support the creation of Android smartphones.

The democratization of smartphones also means lower prices and if the established markets play an important role, emerging markets should not be neglected. And it is also at the level of hardware platforms that can play the battles.

The European founder ST and Ericsson unveils platform reference U6715 can be the basis for the design of Android smartphones in its initial configuration, extending a little more access to these terminals to the general public .

Smartphone for all!

"There is a huge demand from the public terminals that can be personalized with downloadable applications, but so far, smartphones have proven too expensive for many potential buyers. Our platform has U6715 was thought to be out of their smartphones niche high-end and into consumer products by 2010, "said Marc Cetto, Executive Vice President and 3G Multimedia, Ericsson-ST.

The platform reference is designed to run on Linux (and thus under Android) and can withstand all the functionality of smartphones, web browsing to streaming video, WiFi support than an APN 5 megapixels and up tactile interfaces.

The platform incorporates a modem U6715 HSPA 7.2 Mbps and can provide up to 40 hours of music playback and 7 hours of talk time with 3G battery 1000 mAh. ST-Ericsson says that the first devices using the platform will be available from the first half of 2010.


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