Elixir to provide new themes

Elixir is spreading some RapidWeaver love this Valentine’s Day week
with an Ultimate Bundle promotion. The Ultimate Bundle includes all of
Elixir’s themes, a value topping $336.90, for only $59.95 for a limited
time. The Ultimate Bundle includes their latest theme, Nimbus, that is
being released alongside this great bundle.

The Ultimate Bundle will be offered for 5 days only. It includes
every theme offered for sale by elixir, including our newest release.
For the next five days you’ll be able to purchase them all for only
$59.95. We won’t be offering a deal like this again for the rest of
this year. So don’t hesitate.

In addition to our Ultimate Bundle we’re also releasing a new
RapidWeaver theme – Nimbus. We have been working on a new theme for a
little while now that takes into account some requests by users of our
themes. This new theme can be clean and classy but also has the ability
to give you a grungy look as well. It is a theme that is very good for
multi-purpose development such as a small business site, a blog, a
portfolio a personal or school site and much, much more. Below is a
quick rundown of Nimbus’ features:

* Ten header options, including the use of the RW Color Picker
* Five blank headers for use with RWmultitool
* Fourteen background options, including RW Color Picker
* Ability to hide or show sidebar on page by page basis
* Five content width variations
* Ability to place site title and slogan in different locations
* Variations to toggle header shadow on and off
* Choice of serif or sans serif font
* Six color picker options

Nimbus also makes use of the RapidWeaver color picker. With it you
can change the colors for all of the following areas of your site
design with the quick click of the mouse:

* Site background
* Links
* Site Title and Slogan
* Header background
* Sidebar background
* Content text

In addition to the bundle and our new theme we’re bringing our users
some special discounts from other 3rd-party RapidWeaver developers:

Included with the Bundle:

YourHead Software
Isaiah is providing a huge discount on his must-have RapidWeaver
plug-in, Stacks. When you purchase the Ultimate Bundle in next 5 days
you’ll receive a PDF containing a coupon code that will get you a
whopping 35% off this amazing plug-in. Just enter the code during
checkout on the YourHead site. This is a great deal!

Adam Merrifield of seyDesign is offering a 35% discount to all
customers who purchase the Ultimate Bundle in the next 5 days. When you
purchase the Ultimate Bundle you’ll receive a PDF containing a coupon
code which will get you discount on your entire order when you buy
something from seyDesign.

Some savings for everyone:

Blueball Design
The fine folks over at Blueball Design are offering up a coupon code
for all elixir customers that will save you 25% off of all of their
themes and stacks plug-ins. Charlie makes some of the best themes and
stacks plug-ins in the RapidWeaver community. If you’ve not already
seen what he has to offer, please be sure to check them out. The coupon
code is: blueball5yr25off

Icon Lab
In addition to the amazing sale on our Ultimate Bundle, our sister site
The Icon Lab is also offering a 5 day sale on their Unity icon set. Use
the discount code FEBUNIFICATION during checkout to receive the Unity
icon set for only $12.95!

On Monday, February 15, the day after Valentine’s day, I’ll be giving
away 3 registered copies of Thurly for Safari and 3 Ideal Icon sets
from the Icon Lab. The giveaways will be given away at random to those
people who purchased a copy of the Ultimate Bundle from Feb. 10-14.


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