Acer to showcase E110 and P300 phones at MWC 2010

Acer set to unveil two new smartphones to meet the names of E110 and P300.

Very little information has emerged about the terminal that we should logically see the stand of Taiwanese manufacturers at the show world of mobile telephony in Barcelona, Spain.

On the E110, it is a smartphone Android environment (in its version 2.0 a priori) displaying compatibility GSM / GPRS / EDGE quad-band and UMTS / HSDPA dual-band, equipped with a resistive touch interface (finger and stylus) and equipped with GPS navigation. It is the second Acer AndroidPhone in the model A1 Liquid launched in October 2009.

Acer E110- Andriod Phone  

The second, the P300, it runs on Windows Mobile (version 6.5 Pro), enjoys a compatible GSM / GPRS / EDGE quadband, UMTS / HSDPA dual-band and Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g, has a touch screen resistive and includes Bluetooth connectivity in version 2.0. It will be a descendant of the models E100 / E101 presented in a dossier in October 2009.

Acer P300- Windows Mobile


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