Launch of Express 17 From PCS Software

PCS Software Inc., a leading provider of
dispatch, accounting, and transportation management software, today
announced the release of the 17th version of the Express Transportation
Management System. The new version is now available to the over 1,000
carriers and freight brokers now using Express by PCS Software.

One of among dozens of new features in PCS’s Express TMS is the all new
interface to the Department of Energy, for Fuel Surcharge pricing.
will automatically download weekly national and regional fuel price data
from the Department of Energy. The Fuel Surcharge rates will
be updated for each customer, and you can set when the new pricing goes
into effect for each customer.

There are also many new features and improvements for Express’s Document
Imaging System. The imaging system now integrates with Express Fax.
Express Fax allows drivers to fax load documents to a toll free number
assigned to the carrier or freight broker. Documents sent in by drivers
will appear in the Express Imaging system where they can be quickly and
easily indexed for billing purposes. The imaging system can also
load documents transmitted from PCS’s Driver Scan application. Driver
installs on the driver’s laptop or notebook with a mobile scanner and
Internet access. These two new features allow PCS users to invoice
shipments the same day they deliver, without the expense of an
paid service at the truck stop.

One of the most notable new features is the Mobile Express Smart Phone
interface for drivers. Drivers can automatically receive load info as
are dispatched, and can also send statuses and check calls back to
dispatch, from their phone. With Mobile Express, companies using
will no longer have to verbally dispatch drivers. Mobile Express runs
any cell phone that has a web browser.

Other new features include improved abilities for agent-based
transportation companies, enhancements to the XpressTrax freight
and document retrieval interface for shippers, and a recurring loads
that automatically books scheduled, repeat freight.

PCS Software has been developing advanced software for the Trucking
Industry since 1997. Focusing on Enterprise Level Integrated Operations
Accounting Management Systems, PCS Software is a top tier software
serving over a thousand transportation companies in the United States


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