The Escapers announce Flux 2

After a long beta development period, Flux 2 from The Escapers has left it’s beta status behind. Throughout development, Flux has increasingly been regarded as becoming a contender to Adobe’s Dreamweaver. Popular website NZmac said "Flux really is the Dreamweaver killer.", and Enjoy Your Mac simply stated the Flux is the "100% Dreamweaver Killer". To celebrate leaving beta status, The Escapers have relaunched their whole website and created new blogs where future directions of Flux will be discussed.

Flux 2 boasts an amazing array of new features, and despite Flux 2 being almost unrecognizable from Flux 1, it remains a free upgrade for all users. Now users can work directly off FTP and SFTP sites, no need to repeatedly download and publish your site. But if publishing your site from your local computer suits your workflow, Flux can not only publish to FTP, SFTP, and MobileMe, but Flux can also compress all your images on the fly while publishing. This means that your large PNGs get compressed before they get uploaded, making it faster for you and your website’s readers.

Flux 2 is a WYSIWYG design environment, but you can hand crank code too, click on a HTML element in the graphical view, and it’s corresponding code is highlighted ready for editing in the code, it does not get much easier. Unlike most applications, Flux is getting faster as development continues, so now even G4 users can start to enjoy using Flux.

At £49.99, customers could be forgiven for thinking that Flux is a template-driven "starter" program, but nothing could be further from the truth. Flux lets you start with a blank page and use advanced XHTML and CSS features, and unlike some of our competitors, Flux can import your existing site and even edit it in place over FTP or SFTP. Flux 2 is also compatible with MAMP, and instructions how to set this up are in the manual. Web designers from professionals to beginners are encouraged to download a 30 day trial, and discover the power of Flux 2 for themselves.


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