Battlefield Bad Company 2 DLC Announced.

It is certainly driven by Electronic Arts studio that Sweden will establish an important device to support this additional content. To simplify things, Battlefield Bad Company 2 will contain a direct store allowing public to easily obtain free and paid content.

Battlefield Bad Company 2

In the same interview with Worthplaying, Patrick Bach, a producer of the game, confirmed the use of the latest PC technologies, visual and acoustic. We think including devices 3D nVidia or the latest API Microsoft DirectX 11. Seek them improve our gaming experience and only that.

The party has also confirmed the presence of a Hardcore mode, excellent news for experienced players. By definition, Hardcore mode is a mode that allows players to be nearer to the military reality. To summarize, the soldiers in grass will likely die more easily and will screen a minimum of visual cues.

Battlefield Bad Company 2    Battlefield Bad Company 2

Release date scheduled for March 5, 2010 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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