Bad Buzz for Google

For its launch, Google Buzz has been roundly criticized for its choices for the protection of privacy. Duly noted for Google.

The launch of Google Buzz, the social networking functionality integrated into Gmail webmail, has not been smooth. The effect of curiosity past, users have realized that the so-called good ideas can ultimately prove crippling to respect for privacy.

Several users have expressed concern that contacts be made public without their explicit consent. With Google Buzz, the constitution of the social network is in fact part of an automatic mechanism. Thus, if a person is frequently cited by contact, it can be incorporated into a public profile, and it is perhaps not good to see some people included in its list subject to prying eyes.

We can remedy this situation by playing with the settings of his Google profile, but some have referred to a default which is a major flaw in the protection of privacy. Google seems to have taken if remonstrances.

Now, at first using Google Buzz, an option box is visible and offers to show or not on the public profile list of ongoing contacts and those who follow the user. Google has also decided to add more clarity to Google Buzz with the addition of a link "block" to the list of people behind you, a differentiation between people who have a public profile or not.

Google responded, probably until the next album … In the field, a player like Facebook knows he must walk on eggshells.

According to Google, two days after its launch, Google Buzz has been activated tens of millions of users and generated more than 9 million of posts (or buzz) and comments.


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