Open Source CMIS Implementation From eXo Platform

eXo Platform today introduced xCMIS, an open source implementation of
the Content Management Interoperability Services specification.
Fully compliant with the latest CMIS 1.0 – cd06 specification, xCMIS
supports eXo’s standards-based Java content repository (JCR) and works
with third-party CMIS clients as well as a new eXo CMIS client based on
Google Web Toolkit. The xCMIS server is being released as open
source code under the LGPL.

eXo’s new GWT-based CMIS client offers the flexibility of
building both standalone web applications and Google gadgets.
Applications or gadgets created with this framework can be loaded from a
remote location or integrated into a portal such as GateIn, the portal runtime
co-developed by eXo and JBoss. The eXo CMIS client comes bundled in the
xCMIS download, and will be accessible as a remote gadget leveraging GWT
client libraries at xcmis.

Created by OASIS to enable greater interoperability of
enterprise content management (ECM) systems, CMIS provides a common
interface using either AtomPub or Web Services to enable content sharing
across different content management systems. Applications are no longer
tied to any one specific content repository, so developers can write
new applications without concern for the development platform or
language dependencies on any single content system. With xCMIS, eXo
joins the rank of ECM providers that have rallied behind CMIS.

"eXo was founded on open standards, which remain core to our
DNA," said Benjamin Mestrallet, CEO of eXo Platform. "We started with
the industry’s first Java portlet container, one of the first open
source Java content repositories, one of the first enterprise OpenSocial
implementations and now one of the most complete CMIS implementations
available. In line with this commitment to open standards, we’re making
xCMIS widely available as open source to ensure that any developer can
have access to a first-class CMIS server with which to write their

The xCMIS server is available as a community beta release
today with a production-ready version planned when the final CMIS 1.0
spec is ratified. Commercial support for xCMIS will be included in the
next enterprise version of the eXo Platform, version 3.0, which will be
based on GateIn.

eXo will be hosting a free one-hour webinar about xCMIS on 24
February 2010. The webinar will include an overview of the CMIS
specification, an introduction to the features of xCMIS and a
step-by-step tutorial for creating gadgets that can make newly unlocked
content even more useful.


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