High-Performance and Scalable DiskStation DS710+ For SMB Users Launched by Synology

"Businesses are looking for a maximum return on their IT investment. The Synology DS710+ is thoughtfully designed to leverage the IT investment for new and dynamic business needs," said Derren Lu, CEO of Synology Inc. "In Synology’s lab, under RAID 1 configuration in a Window environment, the reading speed of Synology DS710+ reached 110+ MB/sec while writing 100+ MB/sec." The Synology DS710+ retains a high throughput when handling requests from multiple Windows clients simultaneously. The web server responsiveness rate, takes only 58.28 seconds to handle 1,000 simultaneous requests.

With the Synology DX510 that will be launched in March 2010, the Synology DS710+ can be scaled up to a total of 7 drives for a maximum of 14 TB capacity. The hot-swappable hard drive design ensures virtually minimal downtime. The Synology DS710+ is equipped with Intel Atom D410 CPU, one Gigabit LAN port, 3 USB ports and 1 GB DDRII RAM. The hidden fan design ensures quiet operation and working environment.

"Today’s small business environments require network attached storage solutions that support multiple clients and protect data while reducing operational costs", said Seth Bobroff, general manager, Intel Data Center Group, Storage. "The Intel Atom™ processor D410 with integrated storage features within Synology’s solution delivers an energy efficient and cost-effective platform that helps manage networked data."

The Synology DS710+ is extremely efficient with power consumption and calls for only 31 watts of power under normal operation. Features like Wake on LAN/WAN, scheduled power off and hard drive hibernation will further reduce operation costs.

Synology DSM 2.3, the successor to the award-winning DSM 2.2, is scheduled for official release in March 2010. The Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR), optimizes the usage of disk capacity with data protection when using hard drives of different sizes, while still offering advanced users a manual setup option. The block-level iSCSI target provides faster performance of file transfer. AES 256-bit shared folder encryption support ensures data security. Enhanced backup features such as, "sub folder" level backup is now supported in addition to the existing "shared folder" level. Amazon® S3 is supported as a backup target in the cloud. As for File Station 3, uploading the local folders or files to DS710+ with drag-n-drop actions is now supported. In addition, files and folders on the DS710+ can be compressed directly from the File Station.


The Synology DS710+ is now shipping globally.


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