Halo Reach beta version to be released on May 3,2010

Presented for the first time and it officially in January last, Halo Reach back this time with a little more detail. Prequel to the Halo series, history of Reach Halo takes place just before the events of the first component. Start a long adventure, he will however last for Bungie, who stopped his work there on the license. We therefore expect that the developer deals with great care the next SPF, it will be possible to judge next spring.

Microsoft has used its X10 conference to announce the existence of a phase of beta. It will begin next May 3 and will be available to all players with a copy of Halo 3 ODST. The publisher has not reported yet another availability.

Halo Reach

Halo Reach is meanwhile waiting for the end of 2010.


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