Mobile Translator for Symbian S60 Smartphones released by IdiomaX

IdiomaX L.L.C. announces the release of Mobile Translator 6.0, the new mobile translation software that works with Symbian S60 smartphones. Until now, mobile users could only get translation software designed for Windows Mobile smartphones. The arrival of IdiomaX Mobile Translator for Symbian S60 smartphones changes the translation landscape by broadening the market to include vast numbers of Nokia smartphones.

Mobile Translator works on virtually all mobiles that use the Symbian S60 operating system, 3rd and 5th edition, such as Nokia N95, N96, N97, N97 Mini and 5800 XPressMusic smartphones. The software permits users to instantly translate text and send the result by SMS, e-mail, etc. Mobile Translator also conjugates verbs and includes multiple on-board dictionaries for quick word look-up – valuable features for students, travelers and business persons.

Paolo Ravizzini, CEO of IdiomaX, believes that any company doing business in today’s global market place can benefit from operating the IdiomaX Mobile Translator. "This new mobile software is also expected to be very popular among entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and other business people on the move. Instead of carrying bulky language dictionaries, a simple download onto their smartphones gives them a multi-lingual resource that goes wherever they do. The software’s instant translations permit communication in real time with clients or colleagues who speak a different language", states Ravizzini.


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