Social Media and Reputation Management Solutions Now From ADP

The Dealer Services Group of Automatic Data
Processing, Inc. today announced the launch of new
Social Media / Reputation Management solutions for dealers.
Delivered as a comprehensive service, ADP’s Social Media /
Reputation Management solutions go beyond establishing simple web
pages in a few popular social sites. Rather, ADP helps dealers
implement and manage their complete strategy for effectively
integrating social media into their overall marketing mix.

As online social networking evolves, ADP’s
solutions help dealers maintain vibrant user communities as well
as remain relevant in an ever-expanding array of social sites. The
solutions also provide dealers with a higher degree of control
over their unique brand online. Depending on the solution, this
includes establishing and registering a dealer’s brand presence in
over 100 relevant social venues; awareness and consultation in
regard to negative brand commentary; and systematic processes for
producing positive brand awareness among consumers. Dealers
benefit from the focused collaboration of a professional social
marketing representative to help them in their creation of quality
content specifically designed to engage and expand a dealer’s trusted
relationships and online community participation.

integrated into a dealer’s customer communications and consumer
marketing activity, ADP’s Social Media / Reputation Management
produces high-impact results including:

  • Increasing a dealer’s brand awareness
    among automotive consumers within the local area
  • Improving a dealer’s Search Engine
    rankings and volume of relevant results listings
  • Growing a dealer’s user community
    participation and overall customer base
  • Creating a direct, opt-in communication
    channel to customers bypassing artificial filters
  • Driving additional customer traffic to
    the dealer’s website

“Social Media is a new way for us
to build a deeper relationship with our prospects and current
clients. Since we’ve gotten our Social Media program up and going,
our organic search ranking has improved and we’ve already seen
many positive results, not only in our sales department but in our
service and our body shop as well,” says Elizabeth Barrera, IT
Director, Ancira Auto Group.

“According to JD Power, 35% of car shoppers use
consumer-driven websites like blogs as part of their buying
process – and this trend is only going to increase. The growth of
Social Media represents a major opportunity for dealers to
communicate with their customers in an environment different than
the typical sales cycle — and it’s one of the most effective
means to do so. As a leader in both digital marketing and managed
services, ADP is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive
Social Media solution that drives significant opportunities for
the dealership to manage its online community efficiently and
effectively,” states Steve Anenen, President of ADP Dealer

ADP takes on the time consuming tasks of running
the site including content syndication and publishing, freeing up
the dealership to focus on their own unique message to build
fruitful customer relationships. “ADP has made it very easy for us
to manage the social media sites enabling us to be as detailed or
as relaxed as we want to with it. ADP keeps an eye on what’s
going on for us,” adds Barrera.

ADP’s Social Media is just one component of ADP’s
digital marketing solution that also includes websites, digital
advertising, consumer marketing, online transactions, and business
system solutions. “The combination of these offerings enables our
clients to offer a complete array of solutions to attract,
convert and retain more customers over the web,” adds Anenen.


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