SharePoint 2007 v3.8 is now out

We included some nice features based on the customer feedback we
received over the last few months. (BTW, we are very attentive when it
comes to customer feedback and feature suggestions, which has truly
brought us to where we are today).

If you are a customer waiting for just these features, then DocKIT for SharePoint 2007 v3.8 version is right for you.

1) Support for Business Data Catalog (BDC) column data type in
SharePoint libraries. Business Data Catalog (BDC) column values must be
provided with the appropriate filter name to use in order to query the
LOB records. You must provide the BDC column value in the format: :.
For example: "Company Name:NorthWind", where Company Name is the filter
name and NorthWind is the value you are searching for and would like to
assign to the column.

2) You can upload documents to Link to Document SharePoint default
content type. This content type allows you to store a link to a
document in a document library instead of the document itself. This
content type is useful when referencing documents that are stored in
http(s) locations.

3) With the new version you can update the same metadata to all the
existing files and folders based on wildcard characters.

4) When migrating folders and files from the file system to a
SharePoint library, you can update the folder metadata to the file, in
case there is no specific metadata given for the file that is imported
to SharePoint. In other words, you can apply the same folder metadata
to all files / documents within a folder, without the need to specify
unique metadata entry for each file.

5) You can now use complex HTML syntax to update SharePoint columns in
HTML format. This feature is especially useful for Wiki pages.

6) One of the common practices while using DocKIT is to interchangeably
use UNC Path and Mapped Drive Letters when adding files to import and
providing metadata entries. The earlier versions required that the user
must be consistent in UNC Path or Mapped Drive letter usage when
creating the import task (cannot specify both interchangeably). This
new version automatically resolves UNC Path and Mapped Drives so that
users can use them interchangeably without the need to fix this error
and re-import documents.


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