Cap SellWise Pro 7 released

The new Cap SellWise Pro 7 is built to handle the rigorous processes in
the sales departments. This is an all in one solution for a variety of
business market segments. As the retail market is rebounding from the
economic slag, this product is a good start for changing customer needs.

Some of the essential features as seen on their site are:

• Invoice look up screen has an emailing feature now. This saves lots
of time the customers want to view reports and sales histories.
Detailed invoice data is just few finger movements away.
• Fintec Payments System is now integrated to CAP POS. This can be a great solution for Liquor Stores.
• New Cost Plus discount for an entire sale feature accommodates more
flexible configurable discounts than ever to help you take care of your
• Rental Program by Department added using serialized items. Easily
track rental items, including serial numbers and entire departments.
• To further quicken the check out process, custom buttons can now be
added to each selling station. Station specific quick keys add
tremendous value to any Pos system.
• New features are great for Pharmacies; it is now easy for customers to pay their expensive health care items easily.
• .Easy to use membership renewal options. No longer do you have to run
through a complex computer document to see the status of your
customers. This will work great for number of small businesses who
provide month to month services

The detailed features are listed on their site, and there is a
comparison with all the other leading POS software manufactures. With
such a integrated solution at business owners disposal, it surely
speaks of signs of things to come in retail software world.

Capretail is the owner of CAP Software, which is the original retail
Point-of-Sale and inventory control software system. They have been
developing solid, stable POS software products based on the features
required for real world retail businesses.


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