Sony announces Platinum Blu-Ray BDP-S470

Sony launches new Platinum Blu-ray Ready to 3D a very attractive price.

Sony Platinum Blu-Ray BDP-S470

Sony confirms its interest in the emerging market of 3D Relief with the announcement of the imminent release of its new Platinum Blu-Ray BDP-S470.

Basic, this model has more features and interesting: controllable via an iPhone / iPod, the BDP-S470 will give a youthful look to your 1080p DVD collection with its built-in video upscaler. We also appreciate its DLNA compatibility allowing it to read the content photo, video (including MKV) or audio on your network (via a NAS or any other compatible device).

But where this model pulls out of the game is in the opportunity presented to take advantage of future Blu-ray 3D through, like the PS3, an update of its firmware scheduled for this summer. Proposed about 200 € so that platinum is an excellent ticket to the world of 3D. Only downside: the presence of a single HDMI output which does not yet know the version.


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