SMS Support for iNum Provided by Voxbone

an innovative provider of international numbering resources, has begun
supporting short messaging service  to its iNum numbers phone numbers with the
"area code for Earth." With this addition, Voxbone’s carrier and
enterprise customers can offer their subscribers one global number that
can receive SMS messages at competitive rates.

The move marks a breakthrough in iNum usage, as wireless subscribers
from a growing number of prominent carriers including Vodafone,
T-Mobile, Orange, Virgin, and Boost Mobile now are able to text these
numbers. The service is already available in the United Kingdom, France
and the United States, at prices
ranging from 10 to 20 pence per message in
the U.K., for example. Voxbone will be adding reachability from more
wireless carriers in more countries in the coming weeks.  

"SMS is a booming communications medium," said Tim Behrsin, who leads Voxbone’s iNum
initiative. "It works on the still great majority of mobile phones
without Internet access. To subscribers, our new offering means more
text access for wireless friends and customers. To their carriers, the
result is a net gain in text termination revenue."

iNum numbers have a prefix of +883, the ITU-assigned international
code for the Internet, just as +44 is the code for the U.K. and +1
refers to the U.S. As a wholesaler of direct-inward-dial (DID) numbers
and IP transport provider, Voxbone receives calls and now SMS messages to numbers with this code and delivers them over IP to its carrier
customers, for delivery to their end users.


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