Platform for Geo-Targeted Mobile Messaging From Xtify

Xtify announced the release of its Xtify
Geo-Messaging Platform, an online software tool for developers and
publishers to push Geo-targeted messages directly to their mobile

Developers of local search and discovery applications can now drive
prospective customers into a retail store with a message sent only to
those who are currently nearby. Publishers of travel and restaurant
guide applications can send their users interesting facts and
recommendations related to their actual location.

The Xtify Geo-Messaging Platform includes a web-based Campaign
Manager for creating messaging campaigns and a Software Development
Kit that is integrated into a mobile application to determine where
and when a message should be sent and how it should be displayed.  

"For the first time, mobile application developers and publishers
have an effective platform for communicating with their mobile audience
beyond the confines of their application," said Josh
, CEO of Xtify. "Developers have been dreaming of a
solution that remains active, even when the mobile application is not.
Developers (and marketers) can now communicate to their customers, with
the right message, in the right place, at the right time, to drive the
actions they want."

Xtify made their announcement today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain at the "Motorola MOTODEV at
App Planet" event.


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