Development of Ultrahigh-resolution Seismic Sensing Solution From Shell and HP

At International Petroleum Week 2010, HP and Shell today announced a collaboration to develop a
wireless sensing system to acquire extremely high-resolution
seismic data on land.

oil and gas industry requires high-quality seismic data to
accurately assess exploration prospects for commercial viability and to
effectively monitor producing reservoirs. By delivering a much
higher channel count and a broader sensor frequency range than are
currently available, the new system promises to vastly improve
the quality of seismic data.

HP and Shell will use their
complementary knowledge and experience to produce a groundbreaking
solution to sense, collect and store geophysical data. The system
is designed to integrate seamlessly with Shell’s high-performance
computing and seismic imaging environment and to be deployed
safely and more cost-effectively than current systems.

“We think
this will represent a leap forward in seismic data quality that
will provide Shell with a competitive advantage in exploring
difficult oil and gas reservoirs, such as sub-salt plays in the Middle
East or unconventional gas in North America,” said Gerald Schotman,
executive vice president, Innovation/Research and Development,
Shell. “As a result of this exciting collaboration, we expect to
fully realize the potential of Shell’s processing and imaging
technology on land.”

The new system reflects the breadth of HP’s
portfolio. It will be delivered by HP Enterprise Services and
includes a recent breakthrough in high-performance sensing
technology from HP
Labs – the company’s central research arm – and the company’s
Imaging and Printing Group. Additionally, the system uses HP
ProCurve networking products along with HP storage, computation
and software products.

“These advances in technology to discover energy
resources could transform the ability to pinpoint abundant new oil
and gas reserves,” said Joe Eazor, senior vice president and
general manager, HP Enterprise Services. “HP is uniquely
positioned to offer Shell a complete sensor system that delivers
innovation to address key technical seismic challenges.”

strategic relationship with Shell is a cornerstone in HP’s blueprint
for an information ecosystem that empowers people to make better,
faster decisions to improve safety, security and environmental
sustainability while transforming business economics. Sensing
solutions are positioned to provide a new level of awareness
through a network of sensors, data storage, and analysis tools
that monitor the environment, assets, and health and safety.


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