New Application From Visible Measures

Visible Measures, the independent
third-party measurement firm for Internet video publishers, advertisers,
and viral marketers, today announced the availability of Trends, a
Web-based application for benchmarking online video ad campaign and
content performance. The Trends application provides brand advertisers,
agencies, and movie studios with a full spectrum of critical campaign
performance metrics for industry-level and cross-campaign comparisons.
In addition to a paid version of the application, a free trial version
is now also available.

"With brand perception increasingly shaped by the actions of
consumers, our goal is to provide brands, agencies, and advertising
sales executives the insights to better navigate this volatile yet
exciting landscape," said Brian Shin,
founder and CEO of Visible Measures. "With Trends, organizations can
better understand the effectiveness of their online video advertising
campaigns and compare their performance against historical norms,
competitors in their industry, and against campaigns targeting similar
demographic audiences."

Trends enables organizations to perform industry-wide comparisons
across hundreds of unique campaigns and a diverse range of effectiveness
metrics, including total online viewership, comments, placements, and
demographic summaries. The client-specific insights driven by Trends
have applications in campaign planning and forecasting, concept
development, new business pitch support, market research, competitive
intelligence, client management, and more.

Three unique online video performance data sets are currently
available for the Trends application.

  • The Social Video Campaigns collection covers
    hundreds of brand-driven online video ad campaigns and is designed to
    help media planners, researchers, creatives, and other advertising
    professionals benchmark campaign effectiveness.
  • The Online Film
    Trailers collection covers online film trailer performance for both
    in-market and previously released movies, and has been developed to help
    movie studios and their agencies benchmark online film trailer
  • The 2010 Super Bowl Ads collection covers online
    performance for the entire flight of this year’s Super Bowl ads. This
    collection will be available for a limited time and is sourced from the
    company’s 2010 Super Bowl Ads online video research study (see
    accompanying press release).

"The best digital work
only happens when we’re armed with deep insights into consumer
behavior," said Baba Shetty, chief media officer at Hill Holliday.
"We’re always looking for leading-edge tools that can help unearth those
insights. Our teams have been involved in the testing of Trends and
we’re very pleased with the results."

With hundreds of brand-driven social video campaigns, the Social
Video Campaigns collection deploys ad-specific filters to help users
identify, for example, automotive campaigns that feature celebrities, or
evaluate which beverage ads appeal to women 24-36 years old. The
information in this collection can be sorted and filtered by more than
20 industry categories (including apparel, automotive, consumer
electronics, financial services, retail, telecommunications, travel, and
more), well over 100 brands (from ABSOLUT to Walmart, from Doritos to
Nokia, from Starbucks to Toyota, and beyond), more than 100 advertising
agencies, and over a dozen creative approaches (including event and
stunts, animation, sex appeal, spoofs, and more).

"In addition to tracking the impact of their own video advertising on
engagement, attitudes and sales,  advertisers and agencies need to
understand how their performance compares against competitive brands and
campaigns," said Terry Cohen, senior
vice president of strategy and analysis at Digitas. "Applications like
Trends enable us to monitor the online video competitive landscape
across key industries and verticals, and provide us with the data we
need to make better-informed campaign decisions."

The Online Film Trailers collection covers more than one hundred
movie trailer campaigns and features category-specific filters that
provide immediate access to, for example, action films set to release on
a certain weekend, or comedies that appeal to men 18-27 years old. The
information in this collection can be sorted and filtered by time to
release and more than 20 genres (such as action, drama, family, horror,
science fiction, and thriller) and movie studios.

The 2010 Super Bowl Ads collection covers every national
advertisement that ran during this year’s Super Bowl. Like the Social
Video Campaigns collection, users of the 2010 Super Bowl Ads collection
can sort, filter, and compare campaigns by industry, advertising agency,
brand, and creative approach.

In addition to these industry-wide online video performance data
sets, Visible Measures is releasing a free public beta for Trends that
covers top-performing viral video ads. The Trends public beta is being
offered as a service to the online video community at large and provides
free access to a growing list of more than 100 of the top-performing
viral video ads sourced from the popular Visible Measures Top 10 Viral
Video Ads chart.

Immediately available and priced on an annual subscription basis,
Trends is a Web-based application that provides independent third-party
measurement for ad campaign benchmarking and trending. Available data
sets currently include Social Video Campaigns, Online Film Trailers,
2010 Super Bowl Ads, and the free public beta with top-performing viral
video ads. Additional industry-wide data sets from other vertical
markets will be available throughout 2010.


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