Gas Powered Games Announces Kings and Castles

Gas Powered Games announced today that work has
started on Kings and Castles, an epic real-time strategy game
for the PC and next-generation consoles. This one-of-a-kind experience
will let players take on the role of one of three powerful kings who
are vying for control of an all-new, original fantasy world.

"We’re doing something different this time around," said Chris Taylor,
Creative Director of Gas Powered Games. "We want to take our fans on a
great adventure with us. They’ll get to go behind-the-scenes and watch
the game come to life from start to finish."

Using the game’s website and social networking sites
like Facebook and Twitter (follow DeathBot9, Chris Taylor’s personal
account), GPG will give its fans a (mostly) unfiltered look inside the
development process of Kings and Castles. "Synergy will be leveraged,
and paradigms will be established," said Taylor. "More importantly,
buzzwords will be utilized."

GPG will be posting regular updates about Kings and Castles on
its website. The first video blog went live today. It contains graphic
scenes of wood chopping, chickens, and the obligatory horse biting.

Future installments will take fans step-by-step through the design
process, discussing the creation of prototypes, the work that goes into
creating the visual look and feel, while others will cover the proper
care and feeding of chickens.

Kings and Castles will utilize the state-of-the-art RTS
technology that Gas Powered Games has pioneered with its previous
titles. Key features include the ability to zoom to any level,
incredible maps, and eye-popping visuals that will run on a wide range
of systems.

"We also promise to gouge evil from its shell at least once, or maybe
twice," said Taylor. "But not three times. That would be weird."


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