Alcatel-Lucent And Telecom Italia Together for Enabling new Generation Mobile Network

Alcatel-Lucent today
announced it has signed a cooperation agreement with Telecom Italia (TI)
engage in a new technology development program, including a trial of 4G
Term Evolution (LTE) wireless broadband technology. The joint program
aims to
assess the evolution of mobile radio access network, in order to prepare
Telecom Italia to offer its customers a wider range of next-generation
services, by optimising investments.

Leveraging the respective strengths of TI Lab and Bell
Alcatel-Lucent’s research arm, two of the industry’s leading R&D
organizations, a unique end-to-end LTE trial has been initiated. The
will assess how to deploy next-generation mobile access technology and
how to
fully exploit its capabilities, in order to introduce new mobile
while reducing the time-to-market.

To this end, the field trial will also focus on the usage of
small cell
solutions (such as pico cells) to address "hot spot" and indoor coverage
applications, and their related throughput and latency performance.

In parallel, TI Lab and Bell Labs will
investigate even more specific and
advanced LTE-related topics, through simulations and analysis.
analyses will be conducted, and unique proof of concepts will be
realized –
all aimed at giving Telecom Italia unique insights into LTE’s efficiency
evolutionary capabilities.

"Partnering with Telecom Italia to innovate in LTE illustrates
strength of Alcatel-Lucent’s transformation strategy and our commitment
deliver value to our customers," said Stefano Lorenzi ,
head of
Alcatel-Lucent’s activities in the central Mediterranean countries.
initiative also is fully in line with Alcatel-Lucent’s application
vision and High Leverage Network(TM) strategy."


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