New application by Visible measures for Online Video Content

Viral video tracking and measurement firm Visible Measures is launching a new product today to show the weekly trending online videos on the web. Visible Measures will provide brand advertisers, agencies, and movie studios with a benchmark to understand the effectiveness of online video campaigns.

Visible Measures lets both ad agencies and big video publishing sites on the Web track viewership and engagement with videos across the Web. Ad agencies can measure the effectiveness of specific video ad campaigns, and publishers can see which of their videos are being played and passed around the most. With the new trends application, Visible Measures will include a variety of metrics, including total online viewership, comments, placements, and demographics. Users can even watch videos within the application. The company has launched three different data sets for the applications. The Social Video Campaigns covers brand-driven online video ad campaigns and is designed to help ad professionals measure campaign effectiveness. Social Video Campaigns deploys ad-specific filters to help users identify campaigns by various categories and features.

Online Film Trailers measures engagement for movie trailers online. The trend feature covers more than one hundred movie trailer campaigns and similar to the Social Video feature, allows for information to be sorted and filtered by by release time, genre, and even film studio. And the Super Bowl Ads collection covers online performance for the year’s Super Bowl ads.

Visible Measures has raised $29 million to date, and faces competition from Viralheat, Omniture, Radian6 and others.


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