New IE plug-in aims to speed Web searches

A free plug-in released Wednesday for Internet Explorer allows users to mouse over Web search listings for an instant view of the content rather than having to wait for the full page to download.

The software, created by San Francisco-based Browster, uses patented “pre-fetching” instant page rendering that serves up a copy of the Web page in milliseconds in a new window on top of the original search page.

Users can click on links and information in that new window and download data from that Web site. They can exit by moving the mouse back to the main search site or click on an icon in the new window for viewing the previous or next search item in the list of results.
Browster 1.0 works with search sites like Google and Yahoo, e-commerce sites like eBay and and other Web sites that can be searched, like Craigslist, Bloglines, newsgroups and news sites.

The plug-in works with Internet Explorer 5 and later versions. Other browsers will be supported in the future, said Browster CEO Scott Milener.

News source: Zdnet


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