Microsoft Unevils details of Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has unveiled a few details about the version of Internet Explorer 9 in its annual MIX10 event for developers.

At the MIX10 which runs from March 15 to 17, 2010 in Las Vegas in the United States, the head of the IE team at Microsoft will discuss changes and improvements made to Internet Explorer 9 from the limited information provided in the month of last November. It is by no cons said that following a trial version will be proposed, but who knows, Microsoft has done in the past. More at MIX08, a beta version of IE8 was released.

Now with Internet Explorer, the problem is always just the same for Microsoft. The competition is very dynamic, be it with Firefox, Opera, whose 10.5 a closed beta (and even better) the delay in fast JavaScript, or Google Chrome. In Windows, Safari if it is a lot more confidence. Microsoft can not rest on its laurels, and if Internet Explorer remains the most used browser in the world, its market share decline.

Better compliance with web standards would already welcome. Microsoft is clearly committed to this path by showing particular interest in CSS3, HTML or even 5. Even if this is not the ultimate reference, the first builds of IE9 have recorded better on the Acid3 test compared to IE8, but the account is still far from being.

Side JavaScript performance by cons, the new engine has been announced IE9 faster than Firefox 3.6, but may not achieve the performance of Google Chrome 4.0 and therefore by extension those of Carakan Opera for 10.5 which is through the nose .

Given the audience’s MIX10 is probably on these points that Microsoft will make an assessment next month, not necessarily refer to the new user experience (new features). Likely also be recalled that the operation of the graphics hardware acceleration based on DirectX, and support Direct Write, Direct 2D.


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