Arkeia Network Backup Version 8.2 From Arkeia Software

Arkeia Software, a worldwide provider of backup and recovery software
and appliances, today announced Arkeia Network Backup version
8.2 with new agents for backup and recovery of VMware and Hyper-V
virtual environments and applications including Microsoft Exchange,
Sharepoint, and SQL Server, as well as Novell’s iFolder, GroupWise, and
eDirectory. Arkeia Network Backup version 8.2 leverages the industry’s
latest APIs to provide fast, easy-to-use, and affordable backup

"As companies adopt virtualized environments, data protection becomes
more costly and difficult to manage, especially in mixed environments
that include physical servers and require both disk and tape storage,"
says Bill Evans, CEO of Arkeia Software.

"Arkeia is giving companies the solutions they need to protect data
as they transition from exclusively physical environments, to
environments that mix physical and virtual machines. Today, the vast
majority of information technology shops deploy a mix of both
environments. We are proud that we can both maintain our focus on
performance and ease-of-use and continue to expand and upgrade our broad
repertoire of backup agents for file systems, applications, databases,
and virtual environments."

VMware vSphere 4/ESXi 4.0 Agent

The new Arkeia VMware Backup Agent supports VMware’s vStorage
programming interfaces (APIs) to enable proxy-less backups of VMware
virtual machines. VMware’s vStorage APIs supersede their VMware
Consolidated Backup solutions and allow faster backups and reduced
network traffic.

With the new release Arkeia provides extensive support for vStorage
on both vSphere 4/ESX and ESXi platforms including:

— Block incremental image-level backups for faster backups and reduced storage requirements
— vCenter integration for simplified management of backup and recovery operations for environments with multiple physical hosts
— Multiple transport methods allowing the Arkeia Agent to perform LAN-free backups over the SAN for enhanced performance

Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL Server Agents

Arkeia’s three new agents for Microsoft applications and databases
leverage Microsoft’s Volume Shadow-Copy Service (VSS) architecture. The
VSS architecture permits Arkeia to capture a snapshot of data without
interrupting the operation of mission-critical applications or
databases. Arkeia can perform both full and incremental backups based on
these VSS snapshots.

Arkeia’s support for VSS simplifies data protection for new versions
of key Microsoft products:

— Arkeia’s agent supports Microsoft Exchange (including 2010), SharePoint (including 2010), and SQL Server Agents
— Arkeia’s intuitive web-base administrator’s interface for the new agents improves ease-of-use and simplifies the deployment of the new Microsoft products that use VSS technology.
— Deployment is simplified and accelerated because Arkeia is bundling these new agents with the standard Windows Agent package.

Microsoft Hyper-V Agent

Arkeia’s Agent for Hyper-V performs hot backups and recoveries of
multiple Hyper-V virtual machines without requiring a backup agent to be
installed on each virtual machine. A single agent enables consolidated
management of multiple virtual machines for all backup and recovery

Arkeia leverages VSS for snapshot-based backups of Hyper-V virtual
machines. Arkeia’s enhanced support for VSS enables
transactionally-consistent backups of Windows applications as well,
allowing administrators to perform single-pass backups that protect both
files and applications. Image-level backup enables disaster recovery
for both Linux and Windows guest operating systems, resulting in reduced

Novell GroupWise, eDirectory, Novell Storage Services Agents

Arkeia is providing support for applications that leverage Novell’s
Storage Management Services (SMS) architecture. Like Microsoft’s VSS
programming interface, Novell’s SMS interface enables hot-backup of
Novell file systems and applications. However, Novell’s API supports
both Open Linux Enterprise Server (OES) and NetWare platforms and Arkeia
agents will support both platforms.

Arkeia’s agents for the Novell Storage Services (NSS) file system
include support for NSS trustee and access control list (ACL) models, as
well as iFolder support. Arkeia also supports hot backups of GroupWise
and eDirectory data.

— Arkeia’s SMS implementation ensures forward and backward compatibility for backup and recovery operations on Novell platforms
— Deployment is simplified because Arkeia is bundling these new agents with the standard Novell Agent package.
— Hot-backup of files and applications ensures backup reliability for open files and transactional consistency for applications.

Availability and Pricing

Arkeia Network Backup v8.2 is scheduled to be generally available in
April 2010 with prices starting at $800 USD for one backup server
license with first-year maintenance.


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