Launch of DIGIPASS as a Service Authentication Service From VASCO

VASCO Data Security Inc., a leading software
security company specializing in authentication products, today
announced its DIGIPASS as a Service (DaaS) authentication model.
DIGIPASS as a Service (DaaS) is the newest service solution added to
VASCO’s existing end-to-end authentication product suite. DIGIPASS as a
Service (DaaS) goes beyond simple Authentication as a Service with a
complete platform that incorporates the user, the enterprise and
e-commerce. As such, DIGIPASS as a Service offers on demand identity
and transaction security.

Up to 2005, VASCO’s was primarily a hardware authentication vendor to
the financial world. As this business grew, the company’s gross margin
was under pressure.

In 2006, VASCO launched its Full Option, All-Terrain authentication
strategy, resulting into its end-to-end business model. VASCO added the
enterprise security market and indirect channel to its scope, as well as
expanded its reach into key consumer applications like electronic
gaming. In the product field, VASCO strengthened its server offerings
and developed its software DIGIPASS product line. Those combined efforts
resulted in a healthy business mix and bottom line.

Today, the company is expanding its offering based on the needs of
the growing online application market.  Many service providers are
challenged with the costs associated with adding strong authentication.
In addition, some providers have barriers to implement customer
security due to a low frequency of user, nominal transaction values, or
lack of resources required to distribute hardware and/or software to the
end user. DaaS will be offered to bring VASCO authentication to such

DIGIPASS as a Service is offered to allow customers to secure a
multitude of enterprise and end-user applications with one DIGIPASS.
Today, companies are securing access to their webmail, network, ERP, and
CRM systems with one DIGIPASS.  The DaaS authentication service is
building on this existing model and providing a platform where consumers
can access their online bank, buy tickets over the Internet, play
games, and access his/her social network account with one DIGIPASS.

For end users, password management is often a nightmare. They have
different passwords for their bank, their social network account, their
credit cards, and their webmail. VASCO’s goal is to enable a user to
have access to countless applications with only one DIGIPASS. With DaaS,
VASCO makes this possible.

For application owners and companies, the benefits of VASCO’s DaaS
are obvious:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Ease of
    distribution and fulfillment
  • Shared back office costs
  • Time
    to Market
  • Protection against lost revenue due to account

In addition, DIGIPASS as a Service (DaaS)
provides an opportunity for:

  • Additional Services to end users
  • Potential
    source of revenue
  • Cross Marketing with leading global providers

launch of VASCO’s DIGIPASS Authentication Services (DaaS) offering is a
major step in the company’s evolution," said Jan
, VASCO’s President & COO. "We believe that the
combination of VASCO’s DaaS with our existing end-to-end authentication
solutions is bringing any existing online application into the reach of
VASCO’s market leading DIGIPASS authentication."

"Currently, a high number of online applications and their users
aren’t able to benefit from enhanced security such as strong
authentication," Valcke stated.  "Possible barriers are a low frequency
of use of the application or the relatively low monetary value of the
account. Nevertheless, these applications can also have a high value to
the end user. For VASCO, all online applications have the right to be
protected with best-of-breed DIGIPASS authentication."


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