Next-Generation Antenna Family From Powerwave

Demonstrating its commitment to support
wireless across all corners of the globe, Powerwave Technologies,
Inc., a global leader in end-to-end wireless
coverage and capacity solutions, today announced it has optimized
its antenna product line to address the needs of emerging wireless
markets and help bridge the digital divide.

Globally, the number of mobile subscribers is
expected to climb to 5 billion by 2015, and a large proportion of
those new users will be in developing nations and/or in rural
areas with little to no existing infrastructure. A wide range of
wireless protocols – from GPRS to WiMAX – are being leveraged as
wireless networks in emerging markets begin to take shape.
However, the key criteria they all share is the need for reliable,
cost-effective wireless infrastructure.

“There is
great potential for mobile broadband to become a viable fixed-line
alternative in emerging markets, but also great challenge for
operators to build and run highly efficient networks to counteract lower
Average Revenue Per User,” said Khurram P. Sheikh, chief product
and development officer, Powerwave Technologies, Inc. “Offering
high efficiency – as much as one dB in gain above competing
offerings – and remote electrical tilt functionality, Powerwave
antenna offerings are ideal for emerging markets, enabling
operators to cover more range with less network downtime and
financial burden.”

Antennas to Cover All Frequencies

Building on
the company’s existing family of single-and dual-band antennas,
Powerwave’s optimized antennas offer high efficiency, low
interference and superior gain per length, enabling operators to quickly
and cost-effectively deploy new services leveraging frequencies
in all major frequency bands: 700/800/900/1700/1800/1900/2100/2600

Powerwave antenna options include fixed electrical
tilt support, as well as remote electrical tilt functionality
under one antenna radome. Further setting Powerwave antennas apart
are the products’ ability to provide consistent performance
across frequency bands and down tilts via Powerwave’s patented
Aperture Coupled Patch technology, which ensures consistent
performance over the entire band and the elimination of dead
zones. This also translates to reduced total cost of ownership as
operators can cover more area with fewer cell sites. The Aperture
Coupled Patch also offers superior azimuth tracking, translating into
less optimization needed by the network.

Aside from
high efficiency, Powerwave antennas also boast superior upper side
lobe suppression for reduced site-to-site interference – a critical
requirement for 4G networks – as well as an advanced design that
enables operators to boost capacity by reusing frequencies at
adjacent sites.


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