Reminder Ringtones by Vodafone

Under the slogan “drive safely” Vodafone India has come up with new set of Reminder Ringtones for its customers , where user can download ring tone based on his preferences and can set accordingly for specific persons  before starting his/her drive.

The reminder ringtones
tends to help/remind  the person for not taking up a call if set while
driving. For examples WIFE RINGTONE says “if you really love your wife
…don’t pick up the phone ” and similarly for “children” ,“parents” etc.

seen like the zoo zoo commercials its another good attempt by Vodafone
to promote VAS(Value Added services) linking it with persons emotions
but to a surprise theringtones are available for free in MP3 format at their website form where any one can download to his/her computer and then transferable to mobile device.


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