THQ announces the availability of Darksiders demo version

THQ has announced that a long demo of Darksiders will be available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live next week.


A concentration of good surprises Darksiders: Wrath of War was pleasantly received by the players. This game action / adventure tinged beat ’em all had the merit of providing solid gameplay and an immersive world especially, no doubt recalling that of Comics. Knowing that the dough art is signed Joseph Madureira (aka Joe Mad!), It is clear that the background is showing great quality for a video game.

THQ has announced that a playable demo of the software will be available from February 25 on PSN and Xbox Live. Moreover, Vigil Games – the development studio – provides content rickety little since that announcement 90 minutes of gameplay will be the program in view of "revealing the true essence of the game." We appreciate the initiative.


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