Grandsdale/Alterwood won’t work on Windows 98/ME

IF YOU ARE BY ANY CHANCE AN ADMIRER of new Intel hardware marchitecture but you still like only Windows 98/SE and don’t have respect for Windows 2000/XP this won’t be nice news for you.
Intel said it won’t have any drivers for future Grandsdale/Alterwood chipsets. I think it’s about time to use its commercial names, 925P and 915P for discrete and 915G for the one with integrated graphics.

No matter whether you call them by their pet names or you use their marchitectural names, none of these two platforms won’t have drivers for Windows 98 or ME. Intel simply decided to pull the plug as those operating systems are quite old now.

News source: It comes as a surprise as even Microsoft decided to offer more support for Windows Millennium edition, also known as ME, due to delays on the Longhorn project.

So Longhorn is scheduled for late 2005/2006 and with new Intel PCI Express 925 and 915 chipsets you will be stuck with Windows 2000 and XP only.

This is potentially a bad decision for 915 G, Grandstale G supporters as if you are aiming for integrated graphics, you want to save some costs and obviously might want stick to your old operating system as well.

I guess that PCI Express is a Windows 2000/XP toy only but I guess that Via and the others won’t necessarily follow that road. Here is your chance, Via, SIS, ATI and ULI. µ


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