Wacom Bamboo tablets get Multi-Touch

Wacom today announced an exciting new computer input solution with the introduction of Multi-Touch in its new family of Bamboo tablets. Bamboo tablets are USB peripherals that deliver natural and intuitive input to desktop or laptop computer users. With the ultimate goal of creating harmony between humans and technology, Wacom combines Multi-Touch (finger-based input) with pen input to deliver an entirely new standard in human-computer interaction. "Multi-Touch provides a very natural and intuitive way for users to navigate and interact with applications," said Dennis Hoff, senior consumer product manager for Wacom. "By combining Multi-Touch with our renowned pen technology, Bamboo provides users with a new computer input approach that is not only extremely flexible, but friendly, fresh and fun."

Bamboo includes a family of five distinct tablets: touch-only, pen-only and three versions of the pen and Multi-Touch combination. Bamboo offers choices to give end-users the freedom to work with their computer the way they want. Bamboo also goes beyond current mouse and other input solutions by adding the power of Multi-Touch gestures such as zoom, scroll, pan and rotate. Compatible with Windows or Mac operating systems, Bamboo is easy to use and introduces a way of computing that is about as natural as one can get.  

Bamboo’s timely introduction reflects modern design and functionality by offering new ways to interact with computer-based content. "Multi-Touch and pen input are highly complementary input methodologies, each providing distinct benefits to the overall creative experience. We live in a world where people demand immediate and direct interaction during computer sessions."

Getting In Touch with Bamboo:
The next generation Bamboo family is as diverse as the user it intends to serve.  While Multi-Touch input might be foreign to some, there is a whole generation of touch-centric users who have emerged thanks to the introduction of mobile devices, such as the Apple iPhone and even larger surface displays like those found in Automated Teller Machines (ATM). Touch is here to stay and Bamboo addresses this growing affinity for touch by providing a line of inspirational products that meet this phenomenon head on. "We are quite literally putting input control and expression into the hands of the user by making Multi-Touch available for everyone," explains Hoff. "It truly represents a positive move within the user community by introducing a natural, human element to the computing experience."


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