Wikitude 4.0 is now available for Iphone

Within the scope of the Mobile World Congress today, Mobilizy
introduced Wikitude 4.0 for the iPhone, making the most up to date
version of the augmented reality browser for smartphones accessible
also for the Apple phone. The new app can be downloaded directly from
the iTunes store and is also available for
Android and Symbian phones. It showcases Mobilizys concept of a native
browser integrated augmented reality application for the first time.

By using Wikitude 4.0, the user is now able to see even more real-time
information through the view finder on the screen of his phone.
Geocoded data from services such as Flickr, Qype, Wikipedia, YouTube,
Twitter, user generated content and the variety of 50 further so called
„worlds" broaden the view on reality. Users have the option to edit and
configure these individual worlds online on and fade
them in or out as they like. This is how users create their own
individual augmented reality, their own world so to say, on their
iPhone. It’s simple and users don’t have to have any programming skills.

More information, more clearly presented
It is vital that the large amount of information of Wikitude is made
available in an intelligent and easy to use way. That’s why Mobilizy
designed an entirely new user interface for the Wikitude 4.0 browser
that convinces through its self explaning structure and easy handling.
Toolbars, bookmarks and search history help each user to organize his
personal augmented reality.

Wikitude 4.0 is a very big step for us and for augmented reality as a
whole. The new release is very close to being a totally native
integration for a web browser. AR is a lot more than just another
marketing or navigation tool. Its main function has been around ever
since people started using technology to create worlds by using media.
You could compare it to time stamps on photos, sound tracks of
documentary films or special effects in movies. All those examples show
how aspects of reality are enhanced by adding additional, relevant
information. Through the technological development of smart phones,
factors like mobility, geological position and real-time computing play
an important role as well," Philipp Breuss-Schneeweis, CEO of Mobilizy.

Mobilizy drives standardizing of augmented reality
Being the provider of the leading augmented reality browser Wikitude,
Mobilizy aims to drive the standardization of augmented reality
further. „Since augmented reality will be an essential influence on the
way we perceive reality in the future, we are currently working on
setting standards that define AR within the World Wide Web Consortium.
This includes creating a special augmented reality mark-up language,"
says Breuss.


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