iReagan application launched for Iphone

The application has been developed by TEAM International for iTMP on
behalf of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. You can download this
app for free on iTunes.

iReagan is an iPhone/iPod Touch application that gives access to
inspirational quotes, full-length speeches and iconic photos of the
"Great Communicator" as well as contact information for the Ronald
Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.

The application allows the user to virtually visit the Library,
correspond with a library representative and stay updated on Ronald
Reagan Presidential Foundation news, events and much more. Subscribers
can get their daily Reagan fix including the Reagan Library’s
spectacular annual "Christmas around the World" exhibit.

iReagan, as suggested by Duke Blackwood, Director of the Ronald Reagan
Presidential Library and Museum, is "an educational thing, not a
political thing." Thanks to the popular mobile technology the
application is available to a potentially wider and younger audience.
So far more than 2000 people have gone to iTunes to download the free
version of iReagan.


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