Real-time SaaS system to be used for effective sales flow by Leadmaster

LeadMaster, the original provider of cloud computing solutions for
Sales Lead Tracking, Lead Management and Online CRM announced an
enhanced integration program for lead generation and lead providers
that will allow the user to have their sales leads flow seamlessly into
LeadMaster’s web-based, real-time SaaS system.

In order to participate in the new certification program, customers
will need to register on their first visit and gain access to the
LeadMaster system. They will also receive easy to follow instructions
on integrating and sending leads. Once the lead provider successfully
tests the integration, the certification process is complete. Most
companies are certified in less than an hour.

All lead generation companies, regardless of their industry, are
invited to join the Lead Provider Integration Program for free. In
addition to the demographic fields lead providers have an unlimited
number of user-defined fields and can truly customize the form to fit
their needs. This built-in flexible technology allows LeadMaster to
serve a wide range of customers.

Once the leads are in the system, users automatically receive a
reminder to follow-up on their leads. Lost leads will be a thing of the
past. LeadMaster is a sales-friendly tool that most sales reps can
learn in about an hour so they can focus on their job, not on learning
the tool.

Andy Brownell, LeadMaster CMO says, "I’ve often heard it said that the
first one to follow up on a sales lead wins the business a majority of
the time. You can’t compete if you’re not getting leads in a timely
fashion. You need a process whereby your sales leads drop into your
lead management CRM system immediately and automatically. Our new
offering is an easy way for customers to get tremendous value-add from
their lead generation efforts by providing their sales reps instant
access to new sales leads. This will turbo-charge lead generation
campaigns and make it easier for any size company to realize the
benefits of LeadMaster’s ability to turn prospects into customers."

12 years of development work has gone into the LeadMaster lead
management solution. As leads flow into the system, they are
automatically categorized and assigned in a way best suited to our
customer’s business model.

Our goal was to make it as easy as possible for lead providers to get
leads into the system as it is for our system to distribute leads. With
a more streamlined approach the LeadMaster system establishes alliances
with lead generation, sales lead, marketing, other technology
companies, and improves the features, flexibility and functionality of
our lead management system.
LeadMaster is a completely customizable, web application so it is as
simplified as you want while being as sophisticated, as you need.


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