Bitrix Virtual Appliance 1.5 is now available

Bitrix, Inc., a technology trendsetter in business
communications solutions, announces the availability of Bitrix Virtual
Appliance 1.5 for Amazon EC2, a major release of the free virtual
platform that creates an optimal performance environment for Bitrix
Intranet Portal and Bitrix Site Manager.

The software underwent a number of significant improvements to deliver
customers more reliability and services while using the company’s
CMS/EMC solutions in Amazon Web Services. Bitrix Virtual Appliance is
based on a self-updating Fedora Linux operating system, includes the
latest versions of the Bitrix web environment, and features increased
system performance and optimized memory usage. Following the latest
Amazon development initiatives, the software now supports all three
datacenter location regions (US – Standard, US – N. California, EU –

The release also includes the beta-version of Amazon EBS storage
volume, customized especially for Bitrix Virtual Appliance. This
feature allows the user to create up to 1TB of back-up copies of web
projects and intranet portals, roll-back projects to a specified point
in time, protect data for long-term durability and remain sure that the
data is securely stored and guaranteed by Amazon.

"SaaS deployment provides a wide range of benefits connected with cost
reduction and quality of service," said Dmitry Valyanov, President of
Bitrix, Inc. "It reduces expenses on high-priced hardware, IT staff and
the user pays only for the actual software usage time. Moreover,
customers get the service provider’s guarantee for solution
availability, security and integrity."


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