New security feature introduced by Soft Solutions

Soft Solutions, a software company based in Delhi, India has introduced
a new security feature – Copy Protection for file and document
protection. The company specializes in software products related to
file security, digital watermarking, document management, and file
format conversion.

Copy protection is a unique security feature introduced by Soft
Solutions that will answer all worries related to file and document
protection. Copy protection is the process of converting all text based
files such as pdf, word, doc, html, txt etc. into image based format
such as tiff, jpg, bmp, to protect its content from copying,
plagiarism, piracy and illegal distribution. Unlike Watermark and
password protection that provide limited security for files and
documents, copy protection provides complete file and document
protection as it changes the file format of the input text-based files
to a copy resistant image format. Watermark and password protection do
not change the file format of text-based formats and thus are prone to
being compromised. The text in watermarked or password protected
documents can always be copied, and thus these security features are
not reliable to secure sensitive data. On the other hand, copy
protection converts the file format of text based documents to a copy
resistant image format that provides complete protection of files and
documents. Copy protection is introduced in the flagship software of
Soft Solutions "Universal Converter" that converts all types of
printable files and documents into seventeen different file formats.

Universal Converter provides maximum file format conversion to 17
different file formats including all major formats such as pdf, html,
word, doc, png, jpeg, bmp, pcx, tiff, ps, eps, txt, psd pcl, svg,
preserving the exact look and content of the original document,
complete with fonts and graphics. During the conversion process of
input file to the desired output file, the copy protection feature can
be applied to the input file by selecting the copy protection checkbox
in the main window of Universal Converter. The input file is then first
copy protected by converting the input file to image based format and
then the copy protected file is saved in the desired output file
format. Password protection and watermark can also be applied with copy
protection to provide the best possible security to the converted

By integrating copy protection into Universal Converter, the company
has found the final solution for all kind of plagiarism, piracy and
illegal distribution of sensitive files and documents. Now any
printable file or document can be secured from copying, plagiarism,
piracy and illegal distribution by converting it using copy protection
feature of Universal Converter.


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