Amadeus Consulting releases new mobile service with Android support

Amadeus Consulting is excited to announce a new mobile service line
with the introduction of Android development. Google’s Android joins
the rest of Amadeus Consulting’s mobile platforms including Windows
Mobile iPhone and iPad.

Android, the latest in mobile technology, is an operating system that
runs on several mobile phones including Motorola’s Droid, Google’s
Nexus One and HTC’s line of phones including: Eris, Touch Pro2,
Imagio, Hero and Pure.

The benefits of Android technology are being noticed by the
marketplace: advanced connectivity incorporating Wi-Fi and Bluetooth,
large storage capability, ability to run multiple applications at a
time and an open-development environment.

The features and UI have also revamped mobile functionality by creating
an intuitive and capable mobile computing environment. It also features
truly amazing voice search powered by Google, Microsoft® Exchange
Support, and the ability to read multiple media formats and multitouch

Of the addition to the service lines, John Basso, CIO of Amadeus
Consulting said, "Android technology is building a bridge to the future
of mobile application development by emulating the current computing
environment. With this new foray, we are better able to address the
needs of our clients and the marketplace."

Amadeus Consulting is a leader in mobile development, and knows the
best procedures to design intuitive, fun and functional applications
that have simple UI’s, robust back-ends and beautiful graphics that
drive users to want to access their apps all the time. Amadeus
Consulting currently has multiple mobile development projects in the
works, and is always keeping abreast of the latest features and
technical know-how.

Learn more about Amadeus Consulting’s Mobile Application Development
experience with not only the Android platform, but also iPhone and
Windows Mobile.


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