Flight Control game now available on Nintendo DSi

Game development studio Firemint today announced that its worldwide hit Flight Control has arrived on Nintendo DSi™. The game is available in Europe, the UK and Australia from today, and will be available in North America from Monday, February 22, 2010. Flight Control is available for wireless download via the Nintendo DSi™ Shop for 500 Nintendo DSi Points.

The simple but highly addictive gameplay in Flight Control challenges players to touch aircraft and drag a path to the correct landing zone while avoiding collisions. Flight Control includes ten aircraft types including domestic and international jets, military aircraft, helicopters and seaplanes. In addition to Classic, Beach, Carrier and Outback airfields, the Nintendo DSi version introduces an entirely new Windy airfield set in a winter wonderland. Players must watch for changes in wind direction as runways close and reopen in accordance with the prevailing conditions. Flight Control can be played solo, or with a friend sharing air traffic control responsibilities, passing aircraft from one player to the other.

Flight Control makes ideal use of the Nintendo DSi stylus and touch screen as players draw paths for aircraft to follow. Flight Control is Firemint’s first self-published game on the platform, and further extends the studio’s focus on digital distribution.

Firemint’s CEO Robert Murray said "Flight Control has already been a huge success for us, and we’re looking forward to delighting a whole new audience with its ‘just one more go’ gameplay and quirky retro style. Flight Control pioneered the line drawing genre and makes perfect use of the stylus and touch screen, features that Nintendo DSi owners really love about their handhelds. We believe that the Nintendo DSi Shop is a great channel for casual games like Flight Control, so we think this release is a wonderful match on gameplay style and distribution channel."

For more information about Flight Control, please visit the official Flight Control web site.


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