Cirago NUS1000 Network USB Storage Link is now out

Cirago International, a leading manufacturer of multimedia center,
storage and wireless solutions, launches the new Cirago NUS1000 Network
USB Storage Link.

The Cirago NUS1000 Network USB Storage Link is a diskless NAS that
turns any USB mass storage device into a network-attached storage. The
NUS1000 has 4 USB ports, supporting a maximum capacity of 2TB per USB
port. The NUS1000 has a print server that to share a USB printer across
the network without having a computer constantly powered on.
Additionally, the Cirago NUS1000 has built-in Media and iTunes servers
for media files and music to share over the network. The NUS’s simple
web-based user interface comes in English or Spanish. Finally, it has a
built-in Bit Torrent client, enabling peer-to-peer file sharing from
connected USB Storage devices.

"The Cirago NUS1000 is a sleek, lightweight, portable and a very
powerful device that has many features like that of the NAS products,"
said Victoria Pires, Project Manager. "Many businesses and home
consumers will appreciate the NUS1000’s design and many features.
It’s the only 4 USB Port with a maximum of 8TB device, built-in print
server, web server, media & iTunes server and a built-in Bit
Torrent Client Technology. This Cirago NUS1000 is now available from
leading online retailers with a MSRP of $69.99."


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