Nanometer Embedded Flash Process Technology From STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics, a top
semiconductor supplier to the automotive industry, today announced its
55 nanometer (nm) embedded Flash process technology, which will
be implemented in its next-generation automotive microcontroller (MCU)
chips. ST is extending its production of eFlash technology to this
advanced process node at its world-class 300mm manufacturing facility at
Crolles, France.

The 55nm eFlash technology builds upon ST’s 20-year expertise in
embedded Flash and is also the continuation of the company’s successful
90nm eFlash automotive microcontroller family. Automotive market demands
are driving the technology beyond the performance currently delivered
by 90nm-based chips. Next-generation automotive systems will
increasingly require MCUs with more computational performance, better
power efficiency and greater memory content to meet market requirements
in automotive applications, such as functional safety, tougher emission
standards or ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) solutions. The
new technology will enable ST to provide substantial performance
improvement and greater value to its customers and will be the basis for
ST’s future Automotive 32-bit Power Architecture?-based MCU roadmap.

ST’s eFlash technology has been developed, and also will be
manufactured, at the company’s Crolles facility, which is automotive
certified and is the world’s leading manufacturing site for 55nm eFlash.
Same-site development and manufacturing means ST can deliver high
process stability and exceptionally high levels of quality, in addition
to long-term availability. At Crolles, ST is in production with 55nm
technology for automotive products and has already produced several
fully working embedded Flash technology test vehicles implementing key
automotive system IP.

"Embedded Flash is an absolutely critical technology in a chip
maker’s arsenal to deliver cutting-edge System-on-Chip ICs for
automotive applications," said Marco Monti,
General Manager of ST’s Automotive Electronics Division. "Both the
development and manufacturing at our Crolles site will ensure the high
quality and adequate supply for our automotive customers."

ST’s first MCU products to implement the 55nm eFlash technology are
expected to target automotive applications, including engine management
and transmission, car body controllers and safety/ADAS. First 55nm
embedded-Flash product is expected to be available for customer sampling
in mid-2011, and automotive qualification in 2013.


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