Mitsubishi Electric to Sell 19.2-inch TFT-LCD Module Internationally

Electric Corporation announced today it has
developed a 16:3-aspect, 19.2-inch color TFT-LCD module, named the
AA192AA01, that facilitates a broad range of wide-format display
and design solutions. It also offers excellent performance,
including extended backlight life thanks to white light emitting
diodes (LEDs), and an inverter-less design.

The module will be available beginning April 1
through Mitsubishi
Electric sales sites in Japan, Europe, China, South Korea and
Taiwan. The cost in Japan will be 80,000 yen, including
consumption tax.

TFT-LCD modules with aspect ratios of 4:3, 5:3 or
16:9 are used extensively in various applications and
environments today. Even wider modules are now in demand for use
in kiosk displays, information monitors, and entertainment
applications such as gaming. Mitsubishi Electric’s 16:3-aspect
AA192AA01 is expected to help meet such needs with the following
main features:

1) Allows flexible design of
customer products

As TFT-LCD modules have become wider, concerns
about durability have also grown. Through improvements in
structure design, however, Mitsubishi Electric has successfully
created a highly durable module measuring 496.5mm (W) x 109.2mm
(H) for the display of 16:3 ratio images (1920 x 360 pixels). With
its very wide aspect ratio, the AA192AA01 will provide
manufacturers greater flexibly to create new products
incorporating extended designs and displays.

Long lifespan and inverter-less design

The use of
white LEDs enables the module to achieve a minimum backlight
lifespan of 60,000 hours at room temperature (25 degrees C), making it
suitable for long-use applications. The inverter-less design
eliminates the need for high-voltage inverters, and the module
also features built-in LED driver circuitry, both of which help to
lower product costs.

3) Unrivaled operating
temperature range and clear, vivid visual reproduction

Like other
Mitsubishi Electric TFT-LCD modules, the new AA192AA01 boasts a
market-leading operating temperature range of -30 to 80 degrees C,
enabling it to withstand harsh environments. It also features
Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary color conversion technologies
for adjusting or replacing colors lost due to LCD characteristics,
resulting in clear, vivid colors and images.

Environmentally conscious construction

As with other
Mitsubishi Electric TFT-LCD modules, the new AA192AA01 is fully
compliant with the widely recognized Restriction of Hazardous
Substances Directive (RoHS), and is completely mercury-free.


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