SpeakFlow suite application is now out

Today at Virtual Edge Summit 2010, SharpLogic CEO Ed Kaim unveiled
SpeakFlow™, a suite of tools for creating, managing, and delivering
non-linear presentations.
SpeakFlow enables speakers to adapt their content at real-time to
better meet the needs of their audience by allowing them to easily
group related slides and jump between sections, features that
differentiate non-linear presentations from their more traditional
linear counterparts. Speakers can also embed content within their
SpeakFlow presentations, such as videos, hyperlinks, etc. The suite
includes a presentation viewer, an online designer, tools for managing
presentation access, and an online converter for importing linear slide
decks generated from tools like Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote,
and OpenOffice.org Impress.

"Today, I’m proud to
introduce SpeakFlow, the non-linear suite for personal and professional
presentations," said Ed Kaim, chief executive officer at SharpLogic.
"SpeakFlow will enable the millions of people who use linear
presentation tools on a daily basis to deliver their message more
effectively, whether in a sales meeting, a technology lecture, or just
for fun."

Among SpeakFlow’s first customers is Microsoft, the
worldwide leader in software, services and solutions. As an early
adopter of SpeakFlow for non-linear presentations, Microsoft has been
able to present some of its most complex topics with ease.

been using SpeakFlow to educate customers on Visual Studio 2010, a very
sophisticated software suite," said Brian Keller, senior technical
evangelist at Microsoft. "The flexibility of SpeakFlow enables to us
adapt presentations in real-time to more effectively tailor the content
to meet the needs of each audience."

SharpLogic also announced
that SpeakFlow Webcasts is available in Beta for all users. SpeakFlow
Webcasts is an integrated extension to the SpeakFlow suite that enables
users to present their non-linear presentations over the Internet to
other users via their Web browser. Webcasts can be secured by access
code for both presenters and attendees, and multiple presenters may
share presentation responsibilities. SpeakFlow owners may also review
webcast attendance records.

SpeakFlow is available at two
subscription levels: Express and Professional. The Express edition is
free and allows users to create and manage a non-linear presentation,
which can be presented in person or over the Internet. The Professional
edition is available at an introductory offer of $29.99/month and
introduces many additional features, including:
– The ability to create and manage up to 10 presentations
– Removal of Express advertising
– Support for co-branding the presentation viewer
– The ability to download SpeakFlow presentations for delivery offline
– Round-trip support for iterative design using tools like PowerPoint
– Delegation support to share SpeakFlows with other Professional users
– Support for managing SpeakFlows delegated by other Professional users

In addition to the subscription levels, SharpLogic is offering a service to customize the SpeakFlow experience, including:
– Creating custom presentations, ranging from message consulting to creative design and layout
– Developing custom plug-ins for presentations, such as embedded pricing calculators
– Integrating an audio or video voiceover to create automated presentations for Web sites, kiosks, and DVDs

Virtual Edge Summit attendees can learn more about SpeakFlow at the SharpLogic Boost Virtual Events booth


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