Imulus introduces Stacks: A web based application

Imulus has introduced Stacks, an intuitive, highly visual Web application ideal for group task management. Stacks is designed to quickly visualize workload using an interface that is surprisingly simple, without sacrificing the details needed to get the job done. It solves the problem of task assignment and workload balancing without the need to refer to Gantt charts.

In a fast-paced office environment with multiple projects and tasks that need to be completed, email and traditional project management software isn’t sufficient. Stacks reduces email and improves team accountability. It ensures the ball isn’t dropped and that someone always has ownership of a task.

"Stacks grew out of our need to juggle a multitude of client requests on a daily basis," says George Morris, Imulus co-founder. "Existing project management tools were too complex and confusing, so we built our own. With Stacks it takes one glance to instantly decipher what everyone is working on, and get a project status every moment of the day. You don’t need to be a project manager to figure it out."

Once configured, new tasks can be added, modified, or completed within seconds. Subtle, customizable alerts inform users when tasks are assigned or completed, and the Dashboard quickly indicates the entire team’s workload.

The Imulus team uses the application every day, and while it plays best in an agency setting, any organization that delegates tasks can use Stacks. "We have hosting companies, marketing firms, universities, and engineering firms using Stacks on a daily basis," states Morris.

"Stacks is a great tool for keeping up on client tasks and deadlines. The beauty of the system is its simplicity. I love the user interface. It’s very intuitive," states Eric Fowles, Principal at Voltage Design. "Stacks has kept our small studio on task for a few months now. I’d recommend it to any agency large or small."

Unlike the bulk of today’s Web applications built to run on PHP or Ruby on Rails, Stacks was developed to run on Microsoft ASP.NET. "Scalability, portability, and our domain expertise were key drivers in selecting .NET," states John Skufca, Technology Director.

Stacks has been used and tested by an enthusiastic group of beta users and is now available to the public. Users can sign up for a sixty (60) day free trial (no credit card required). After the trial, there are several pricing plans to fit the unique needs of each team. Plans start at $20/month for small teams. The Imulus team is building both a Smartphone enabled version and iPhone application for future release.


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