Nexternal.NET cart software application is now released

Nexternal Solutions is proud to announce the release its newest shopping cart software, Nexternal.NET, built from the ground up using the latest Microsoft ASP.NET technology. Nexternal.NET supports all of the great features found in Nexternal Classic and also contains several powerful enhancements. Most importantly, it is has been designed from the ground up to be search engine friendly. Like all updates to the Nexternal system, Nexternal.NET is available to all existing Nexternal clients at no additional cost.

Alex Gile, President of Nexternal states, "When we started Nexternal back in 1999, we built our software using what is now known as Classic ASP. At the time it was the logical choice for us. As expected, web development technology as evolved tremendously since then and when it came time for us to rebuild our storefront technology on a more robust platform, we chose ASP.NET. Microsoft’s ASP.NET 3.5 provides our engineering team with a fantastic development platform and a great set of tool kits. We will be able to develop new features more quickly on the new platform. Rebuilding our core shopping cart engine has been our largest single project to date, but we think the long term benefits make it well worth it."

Enhancements found only in Nexternal.NET include static, keyword rich URLs, extensive use of AJAX, and no popup windows. Nexternal.NET retains Nexternal’s signature always onscreen shopping cart, but achieves this effect via AJAX, rather than the iFrames used in Nexternal Classic.

David Topper of Goosecross Cellars has been using Nexternal’s ecommerce software since 2002 and is excited to be one of the first clients to move on to the new platform. "Our Nexternal store has always offered our customers an incredibly friendly shopping experience. I am thrilled with the way our store renders in Nexternal.NET and even more so with the search engine friendly pages that it generates. Transitioning from Nexternal Classic to Nexternal.NET was painless and it integrates extremely well with the rest of my site. One of the reasons I use Nexternal is because they are committed to adding new features. When they add features, they are rock solid. Nexternal.NET is just another example of this. Both the software and level of customer service continuously exceed my expectations."

"Nexternal focuses on providing merchants with tools that improve their customer conversion, drive customer traffic, and reduce management costs. It offers a powerful platform for merchants to solve problems encountered when selling online" added Craig Ross, VP of Sales at Nexternal. "Our clients love how we constantly add new tools to the system and now that we have the ASP.NET platform, we have the right foundation to accelerate our growth."


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