Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 Smartphones protected

The editor Kaspersky updates its protection solution for smartphones and adds a module to protect privacy and more functions theft and anti-spam.

Smartphones are no longer confined to the professional sphere, the editor Kaspersky has updated its solution Kaspersky Mobile Security version 9.0, which adds a function to protect the privacy that gives special status to certain contacts "sensitive" by not doing more shows in the address book, call logs or SMS.

Only the owner of the smartphone will have access to these contacts placed under a special regime, as well as information about them. "Users use it daily to send and receive SMS, make calls, surf the Internet and discuss the social networks. smartphones and contain a large amount of personal information, "said Sergey Nevstruev, director of Kaspersky Mobile Services.

"Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 goes even further in protecting the privacy of users of mobile phones, whether to avoid data loss, espionage or calls and unsolicited," says it. Maris fickle and unfaithful women should therefore also find their behalf.

Alarm and Anti-Spam Mobile
Among the more traditional features, can be found in this solution Anti-theft functions including the ability to remotely lock the SIM card by sending an SMS, the deletion of data from the device via SMS, the location of mobile terminal distance or the locking of the phone to any other SIM card than the original, with a return SMS phone number of the thief’s SIM card. On the other hand, blocked the phone displays a predefined message to that which is found to contact the owner.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 also has an Anti-Spam to define a whitelist (only making calls to the contacts listed in white list) and a black list (call pick of all contacts except those in list black).

The solution can also block certain numbers, including those for adults in order to protect minors. Similarly, GPS tracking can be activated and give parents an indication of the location of their child (or at least his mobile). Finally, the solution Kaspersky promises to protect against malware and network attacks.

Solution Kaspersky Mobile Security, rather oriented public but can be used by professionals as basic protection, and compatible Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile 5.x and 6.1, is marketed at a price of € 29.95.


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